How does National Discount Vaccine Alliance work?

Upon completion of the agreement, practices are linked to NDVA’s national contracts with sanofi pasteur and Merck.  Vaccine orders are placed directly with the manufacturers, either online or by phone, which in turn ship the products and bill the practice directly. NDVA provides the discounts and the manufacturers supply and sell the vaccine product. As an NDVA member, practices receive favorable pricing, purchasing, and payment terms and can participate in additional manufacturer promotions like sanofi pasteur’s VaxMax program.

What are the advantages of National Discount Vaccine Alliance?

In addition to exclusive vaccine pricing, practices can better manage their inventory and cash flow because you order just what you need.  No large multiple product orders are required.

How do I get Member pricing?

Pricing can be accessed by emailing us a request or by completing and faxing a membership agreement.

How are purchases made?

Practices place orders directly with the manufacturers, which in turn ship vaccines directly to the practice.  Purchases can be made online or by phone and you can participate in all manufacturer promotions or specials like sanofi pasteur VaxMax program.

Are sanofi & Merck products ordered from one site?

No, the agreements are distinct and separate and must be ordered directly from each manufacturer. Merck may be order online at, and sanofi at

What are the purchasing requirements to participate?

Practices agree to use sanofi pasteur and Merck products exclusively and not purchase from a competitior.

What if the competitor is the only one with that product? 

If there is not a competing product available by sanofi pasteur or Merck then members will be able purchase that competitor’s product.  Be assured if that situation arises, NDVA will approach that manufacturer for competitive pricing for members.

Can Prevnar be purchased under an NDVA agreement?

No, Pfizer, the manufacturer of Prevnar, does not hold any group purchasing agreements.  They have no competition and therefore do not need to breed customer loyalty.

What is the cost to join?

There is no cost to join NDVA.

What other support does the NDVA membership provide?

NDVA provides contracting and payment support along with timely updates on new products, product promotions, and coding resources.


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