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National Discount Vaccine Alliance, Inc. (NDVA) was formed by pediatrician Dr. Kathy Cain who was disgruntled with  Managed Care--forever in negotiations for appropriate payment for vaccines. Recognizing the fiscal impact of vaccines to her own practice, she sought better pricing directly from the manufacturers and formed NDVA.  Membership in NDVA not only assures you most favorable exclusive pricing on sanofi pasteur and Merck vaccines but also will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully manage the business of vaccines in your office.  Dr Cain is a leader in managing the business of medicine. She is a consultant and lectures nationally.

Dr. Kathy Cain is a pediatrician, mother of four, and in private practice in Topeka, Kansas as her day job.  After starting her own practice in 2001 and searching for help managing that fiscal responsibility, Dr. Cain became active nationally with the American Academy of Pediatrics.  In 2004, she was appointed to the Private Payer Advocacy Advisory Committee and since 2007, has served on the Pediatric Care Online Editorial Advisory Board.  She currently is the CoChair of the AMA/AAP Immunization Congress Public/Private Payer Issues Committee as well as a member of the Executive Committee of the AAP’s Section of Administration and Practice Management.  Dr. Cain regularly consults on vaccine issues and has had several articles published in the AAP News on vaccines and contracting in particular. Additionally, she is a regular speaker at the AAP’s  National Convention and Exhibition and various immunization conferences.  Dr Cain’s latest adventure is spearheading the nation’s vaccine barcoding initiative.  She recently met with the CDC, FDA, and all manufacturers at the AAP to develop a plan for implementation.  This is a necessity for not only the safety of our nation’s children but for inventory control, vaccine registry, and payment strategies.

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