National Discount Vaccine Alliance, Inc. was formed

by  pediatrician Dr. Kathleen Cain to assist other

physicians in navigating the seas of vaccine


NDVA makes the vaccine purchasing  process easier

for you and your office by offering members not

only a comprehensive line of vaccine products but

valuable tools for you to use in your office to

successfully manage the business of vaccines.

We’ll do the homework...
NDVA works directly with Merck and sanofi pasteur negotiating cost and purchasing terms.  In exchange for vaccine brand loyalty NDVA members receive exclusive pricing on a complete line of pediatric, adolescent, adult and influenza vaccines.  After becoming a member of NDVA, enjoy the savings and ease of online or phone ordering your vaccines directly with Merck and sanofi pasteur. Give us your current vaccine schedule, pricing, newborns/year and adolescents/year and we can show you with our Cost Savings Calculator exactly how many thousands of dollars we can save you per year.

Physicians helping physicians

To let you get back to work...seeing patients

Enjoy the benefits of NDVA, the national source for vaccines

  • Best discounted pricing
  • Online discount
  • Order only what you need, no need to stock up
  • Favorable payment terms
  • Contracting, coding, and payment support

There is no membership fee to join NDVA. The only requirement is that you buy only Merck and sanofi pasteur vaccine products and no products from the competition.  By utilizing these two manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive line of vaccines.  Be a member and get great discounts from sanofi pasteur at and Merck at

Join other physicians in a national network that allows you affordable and reliable vaccine purchasing to start saving money now.  Join NDVA now.

What’s next?
Upon completion of the agreement, practices are linked to NDVA’s national contracts with sanofi pasteur and Merck.  Vaccine orders are placed directly with the  manufacturers,
either online or by phone, which in turn ship the products and  bill the practice directly. NDVA provides the discounts and the manufacturers supply and sell the vaccine product. As an NDVA member, practices receive favorable pricing, purchasing, and payment terms and can participate in additional manufacturer promotions like sanofi pasteur’s VaxMax program.

Our Mantra – No margin, no mission
If there is no margin there is no mission!  NDVA members have the benefit of partnering  with the nation’s leading physician business leaders for contracting, inventory control, and payment issues to help make their practices financially  successful.

Download a membership agreement and fax the completed form to 785-273-4149.
If you are currently on a different sanofi pasteur purchasing agreement please download the contract designation form or ccf file to choose NDVA as your new purchasing  organization. 

Please contact us at 785-273-4165 or email  with questions.

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